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We believe that The Bahamas would benefit from Local Government in New Providence. Currently, we operate with a Central Government system. A move to Local Government would be a layer below Central Government with the impact of bringing government closer to the people.


In 1996, some form of local government was introduced on the Family Islands. However, the system can be strengthened; one major component being a lack of autonomous funding. In 2018 the government of The Bahamas established an advisory committee to make recommendations regarding the establishment of Local Government in New Providence. The following year they published a report detailing the research and consultations they carried out. They proposed options of how the system could work and divided the population into five districts as shown below.

Districts map.jpg

The advisory committee proposed that some local government responsibilities could include:

  • Repair and maintain district infrastructure

  • Enforce environmental and traffic laws

  • Provide training and apprenticeship programs for residents

  • Engage citizens in decision-making and community development

  • Introduce community or district crime prevention measures

  • Create district-level entrepreneurial opportunities for residents

  • Manage and maintain public parks and community centers

“In the Bahamas, there have long been public pronouncements by both major political parties that government is best when it is nearest to the people. However, there has been a continuing reluctance on the part of successive governments to devolve power to the people to make crucial decisions within their communities.”

-  [Alfred Sears, May 23, 2016. Tribune]

8 RB2 FNM and PLP LG Info Graphic 250323.jpg

Local Government Final Report 2019

Background to Local Government
for New Providence.

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