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President, Terneille "Tada" Burrows

Terneille Burrows (professionally known as “Tada”) is a Bahamian music executive/performer and humanitarian.

At the age of 19, Terneille blazed onto the international recording arts scene, emerging as the Grand Prize Winner of the hip-hop category in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Her voice was heard by millions throughout the United States on the “Better in The Bahamas” jingle and her music appears in several international films and television programs .

Nowadays, Terneille has gained significant recognition for championing the rights and protections of women and children and for her advocacy work towards anti-corruption, accountability and transparency as founder/president of non-profit organization Rise Bahamas .

Terneille is invested in ensuring that the Bahamian populace becomes more engaged in the social and political affairs of our country. Her hope is that The Bahamas becomes renown as a paradise where children can live free from abuse and harm.

Director, A Kenriva Bethel BBA, MBA, CPA

A Bahamian accountant, hotelier, educator, and business entrepreneur is a veteran of the hotel industry. She has worked as an executive for many of the major hotel properties in New Providence and Grand Bahama. She is the CFO of Showcase Entertainment Ltd a multiplex entertainment business.

As a mother of two sons, she is passionate about her country and the rights of its young citizen. She strongly believes in the equitable maxim of doing good to bring about good, Ubi jus ibi remedium. As a steward of equity, she embodies JFK's challenge “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” teaching as an adjunct faculty at the University of The Bahamas.

Educating future leaders is her modus operandi to bring awareness to the voiceless. She believes Rise Bahamas is a voice for change, seeking to benefact those trapped in the wilderness of inequity.

Director, Denise M. Major

This author, advocate, mentor and mother started out as a graphic artist at the Nassau Guardian and within a few short months she pressed her way into the newsroom. Her career in journalism and marketing/public relations lasted eight years before she transitioned into the world of nonprofits.

She began her work in non-profits as a rape victim’s advocate and volunteer at the Bahamas Crisis Center and eventually began working fulltime at the Bahamas Urban Youth Development Center as the Program Coordinator. This opportunity opened many doors within many other reputable organizations including: The Bahamas Red Cross, the Bain Grants Town Advancement Association, Bahamas Against Crime and the Coalition to Save Clifton. She worked as the Community Outreach Worker for the PEPFAR Program ( Presidents Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief) and has also served as the Executive Director for Bahamas Sexual Health & Rights Association formerly known as Bahamas Family Planning where she currently sits on the board of directors.

Presently she is employed as the Prevention and Community Outreach Worker in the Prevention Unit at The Bahamas National HIV/AIDS Program. Additionally, she is the CEO of The Empowerment Group, a company whose mission is to empower girls, women and the community at large to make informed decisions that will ensure a successful future.

A lifelong learner, she continuously pursues new ideas and learning best practices in her various capacities.

Director, Gustavas Ferguson

Gustavas Ferguson is a Bahamian Registered Architect and President of the Institute of Bahamian Architects (IBA). Principal Partner of Nassau-based Architecture and Planning firm, Ferguson Architects. He has practiced and specializes in architecture, interiors, and urban design + planning and is active on the national scene as an instructor and adjunct professor for the last twenty (20) years.

Gustavas’ work is based on an approach called ‘Regionalism’.

At Ferguson Architects, we aspire to create architecture and landscape of experience or unimagined before. We take a broader perspective to materialize architecture and urban design originating in memories of a place. It is a surprising and joyful process, searching to encounter and deeply getting to know what was forgotten and what was lost due to modernization and globalization. Locations always possess memories, and we are convinced that memories are not things that belong to the past, but a driving force to create the architecture of the future. Thus, our approach called ‘Regionalism’.

Gustavas received his undergraduate degree, AA Architecture Technology from The College of The Bahamas, B. Arch from the University of Arkansas and M.U.D. (Urban Design) from the University of Toronto. Now lectures at The School of Science, Math & Technology at The University of The Bahamas & Bahamas Technical & Vocational Institute.

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