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Rise Bahamas is an activist group formed in 2014 as a result of a 48 hour demonstration, “Occupy Rawson Square”. We called for government accountability, public disclosure, and the establishment of a Freedom of Information Act.


Over the years, we have successfully advocated for the implementation of Marco's Alert, posted missing children posters on social media and brought greater attention to The Public Disclosure status of parliamentarians.


Rise Bahamas encourages citizen action on issues of national importance while focusing on the protection of the most vulnerable people.


We provide a forum for free speech, and promote the right to peacefully assemble, protest and petition for a cause.

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"ORG has confidence that Rise Bahamas will achieve significant and positive impact”

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“The One Bahamas Organization fully supports and endorses the work of Rise Bahamas as it relates to advocacy and awareness activities related to promoting National Unity through fostering individual responsibility.”

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